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We help you create thoughtful, effective philanthropy. We do this by providing advisory, management and implementation services within or outside the Family Office structure.


We know that philanthropy is driven by individual passions, essential to personal and family growth and we have seen first hand that well researched, strategically planned and executed philanthropic investments built around issues important to the philanthropist can change the world and create an enduring legacy.


We help families and individuals convert ideas, passion and intentions into philanthropic strategy that charts a clear path to real world impact. Whether guiding families through the process of making a first gift, making the gift of a lifetime, to long term legacy creation, we know that value of a collaborative and iterative process that supports a shared family philanthropic vision for the future and results in a clear philanthropic road map for the future. 


Efficient, worry-free foundation administration is the key to a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 


But handling the day-to-day management of a private foundation can be difficult. We provide foundation management services that can spare you from administrative and operational burdens. Our team has decades of experience in nonprofit management and grantmaking. We’ll source and screen applicants, handle correspondence and coordinate with foundation principals to help things run smoothly. We work with an international network of trusted service providers to ensure that 


As your philanthropic strategy takes shape, we can provide research and analysis in key areas of interest to help inform your decisions. We will help you and your family think through complex subject-specific challenges, evaluate the potential of new approaches, and help you move forward with confidence. 


We can act in a variety of capacities: from negotiating gift terms with recipient institutions such as Universities and other partner organisations, to managing individual programs or even as a full service foundation office within or without existing Family Office structures. 


Above all, family philanthropy is about coming together, understanding each other’s interests and ideas, and bridging the generations to benefit society.


Engaging with your children and grandchildren in formulating the family’s philanthropic mission can serve as a platform for developing other skills, such as investing, team dynamics, and management. Even if a common philanthropic goal cannot be agreed upon, you can still inspire your children and grandchildren to commit time and financial resources to improving the world. 

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